Sunday, November 10, 2013


Well I read a post that I despise so "solar hydrogen" is the first topic. I will post the link to the offending article at the end.  The oil industry has lots of myths from their media machine and one popped up in the first part of this thing: "hydrogen is really hard to get because you need energy to break it free!"  yeah right maybe if you were a severely retarded rhesus monkey!  THE FACTS ARE: if your smart hydrogen is easily available from a number of sources without ANY strain! FACT 1: the civil war had huge observation balloons full of hydrogen they made the gas easily in quanity by reacting iron with sulferic acid! CHEAP AND EASY!!
FACT 2: hydrogen can be made from water, charcoal powder, and laser light
FACT 3: hydrogen can be made with water, aluminum, and drano! (internet classic BTW)
FACT 4: there are hundreds of chemical reactions to make hydrogen from anything you find on the ground. hydrogen is in almost EVERYTHING
FACT 5: remeber why you don't mix acids and bases? yeah hydrogen goes boom real hard!
FACT 6: If I ever hear that garbage propaganda from anyone I will eat their liver with fava beans!
DO NOT recite exxon mobil's that offended me

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