Sunday, November 24, 2013

it's rotating and changing magnetic fields induce electrical currents in the plasma in space!  These travel to earth and all over the solar system. they can be used for electric power by magnetohydrodynamic science!! here are links;

Friday, November 22, 2013


Had an idea on my google plus awhile back and thought it belonged here.  A recent development at Rice University is their development of a steam producing nano catalyst that makes steam from water without making the temperature reach boiling.  This allows for low temperature steam creation from sunlight.  Expose to sun and the catalyst creates steam at ambient temperatures.  If a low weight graphite composed Tesla Turbine were combined with this you would have a solar powered turbine that ran off sunlight!  The Tesla turbine is an old invention that can use very low temp and preasure steam because it is a diffrent type of turbine than the traditional ones (it is bladeless) it uses the boundary effect with the adhesion and viscosity on the rotors.
                                                  Rice university solar catalyst for steam
                                                       TESLA TURBINE DIAGRAM
                                                 TESLA TURBINE IN RIVER!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Stirling engine!

runs off of any heat source including sunlight and BODY HEAT! Any fuel that burns runs the engine!

Nitinol heat engine! free energy CNN 1982!

In 1982 CNN had on a motor that could run on the diffrence between a hot and cold part of the machine.  Similar to a Stirling engine but with way more torque and strength.  This is the Nitinol Heat Engine.  Lots of videos on utube!  It can be made any size and run on sunlight! also called a thermobile!  NO REASON AT ALL why it is not used for solar power plants!


cheap solar power. Easy and using thin film CIGS technology! No roof racks mounting or heavy panels! these solar panels go on the roof just like regular shingles.

hydrokinetic schauberger turbines!

During the middle of the century a water power genius named Victor Schauberger created a special kind of hydro power machine called a "repulsine"  this device did not need dams or falling water to work.  The machine ran on regular flowing water in rivers...NO DAMS!  it used the factors of speeding water by shrinking channels and causeing the water to spin in a vortex fashion.  This stuff is used today to get hydro power without dam building!

Vertical Axis Wind Power!

Better than the traditional horizontal turbines.  The vertical axis WORKS WITH SLOWER WIND SPEEDS AND LESS HIEGHT!  perfect for residential wind power. they are smaller and more easily maintained.

KiOR biofuels and new navy fuel from seawater!

KiOR is a company making cellulose derived biofuel.  Cellulose is the stuff that makes up all plants and it can be made from wood,switchgrass,etc. Instead of garbage corn ethanol (expensive!) this fuel can be made from non-food crops and waste from regular agriculture.kior biofuel

a fuel called JP8 or bunker fuel is a diesel fuel and can be made from carbon dioxide and seawater.
the Naval Research Lab (NRL) has a process to make diesel fuel out of seawater!  It is now in operation and uses CO2 and water as the feedstocks.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


I have made an e-book with google drive that is available for free!!  It shows you how to build a device to make free electricity from cosmic energy.  The book contains links to pentagon reports, NBC news and NASA's latest research from the THEMIS program. The university of Berkeley says that solar eruptions add 1500 gigawatts of electricity on average to earth's atmosphere! an amazing mainstream admission on cosmic energy!!
                                             FREE EBOOK!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

new geothermal- binary fluid low temp

geothermal power has been advanced by new technology that allows lower temperatures to be used.
This allows more places to be used.  Kenya and Ethiopia are working on it already for big operational plants.

SOLAR MHD-free power

Well my regular blog and this one's parent site
has been talking about MHD for using cosmic power.  This university agrees.  A diffrent method than mine but still using solar energy and MHD. (mine uses the sea as intermediary they have solar cells)
They take solar energy concentrate it to make plasma then run the plasma in an MHD setup to get electricity!

OTEC ocean power

OTEC is ocean thermal energy conversion.  It is related to geothermal but can be used on 3/4s of the earth's surface. (much better)  It takes the energy difference of surface water and deep water to create hot and cold places that power a heat engine.  The sun supplies energy to this by heating the ocean saltwater.  Lots of times an ammonia boiler is used but Stirling engines would also work.

ZPE free energy in NASA


The articles in popular science and on NASA's website show how lab prototypes are being developed that interact with the "quantum foam" or ZPE (zero point energy).  These techs take energy from the omnipresent spacetime fabric that is the canvas for the physical universe!  These energy fluctations exist everywhere and are perpetual.  They are confirmed by the Casimir Expierments AS AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL FORCE! ZPE technologies can be used to create free electricity or in more advanced concepts used to make a warp drive. here is NASA work on the topic

electricity for free ELECTRODYNAMIC TETHERS!

NASA has a technology that creates free electricity from interacting with space and the Earth's electromagnetic field.  The space around earth is not a void but a weak plasma full of electrically charged particles (protons,cosmic rays,electrons) by having a large conductor in earth orbit the speed of it's travel through Earth's magnetic field and the space radiation give it huge electrical energy!
These can be deployed from orbiting probes to the ground to give earth free electricity!  They can also be used for space propulsion!


NSF is the national science foundation.  Massive government tech work and dispersal of grants.  The article cited here talks about using CIGS nanocrystals in a solvent to make spray on solar cells! (CIGS= COPPER INDIUM GALLIUM SELENIUM) this means ultra cheap and versatile solar cells!  they can be sprayed on metal panels made into clothes or put on cars!!  Much cheaper and easier.  They have lower efficency than silicon panels but who cares if you can get a spray can for 5 bucks to make a solar panel! very good article. check it out!

NASA cold fusion and LENR work!

NASA is actively investigating the cold fusion (now called LENR) science.  They want it to power electric machines on earth and space planes!  In LENR some odd quantum events bypass the coulumb barrier and allow nuclear transmutation and energy generation.  The hydrogen gas is absorbed into a metal lattice and depending on a number of factors (loading gas density, element properties, external enviornment) a reaction occurs that CHANGES the metal and releases energy.
A good theoretical model is called the windom-larsen theory.  Quantum tunneling is induced making protons appear in the nucleus of metal atoms thus changing the atom.  These quantum effects known as non-locality or "spooky action at a distance" overcome the charge repulsion that keeps atoms seperate (coulumb barrier)         NASA cold fusion work



Remeber fuel cells?  A neat idea that the petroleum industry said was to expensive.  Now they are not!  Different advances have made them affordable for cars and homes.  Using nano-nickel and nanotech iron to replace expensive platinum and different cell designs to avoid the high operating temps requiring special alloys has helped a great deal.  In Redox's system the temperature has been lowered by 50% from Bloombox's design!  Now regular steel can be used!  These things can be powered by solar hydrogen, alkaline decomposition, natrual gas lines, and any hydrogen source you design.  Has pictures and videos of the fuel cells. here is the link:
redox power

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

new energy storage from IOXUS!

Well in my earlier post I said we need better energy storage! (batteries suck!) here now is a link to a company called IOXUS which combines the supercapacitor with a lithium ion battery so that you have fast recharge, high energy density, and better reliability (supercapacitors recharge millions of times batteries only hundreds if your lucky!)  They are going to have them for power tools but Tesla Motors should definitely look into it!  It sounds similar to the girl in California who won a google contest for making an ultracpacitor for cellphones that recharges in minutes (she got a Harvard scholarship)

thorium reactor for free power!

Well some humans have referred to me in the derogatory as a "content farmer" these deluded troglodytes will love this post!  I am going to make an important and original insight into boosting an alternative tech called Thorium ADS (thorium nuclear power driven in sub-critical mode by a particle accelerator)  It turns out that thorium can replace uranium as a cheaper more abundant fuel that does not have a meltdown possibility in it's design! The tech was designed in America in the 1940s but it didn't make the bomb grade plutonium for our satanic military-industrial-complex and so it was not developed.  Now the Chinese are working on it to get rid of their coal plants.  HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME I REVEAL HOW TO MAKE A HOME POWER SIZED UNIT!   Combine the old thorium tech with Texas A & M 's new tabletop particle accelarator to make a car sized unit for home power!  The huge particle accelerator is down to a bread box size and allows the thorium reactor to shrink by about 40 fold! here are the research links:
texas tabletop accelerator
thorium ads reactor
thorium power

solar hydrogen from MIT

A topic I have been trying to find more recent information on is covered by my pal Tina Casey.  Daniel Nocera of MIT has developed a process that turns sunlight into hydrogen all in one step and device. (a solar cell with cobalt phosphate and other water splitting co-catalysts) you drop the device in water and expose it to sunlight.  It then makes hydrogen which you can burn or send to a fuel cell.  This was going to be developed by a company called sun catalityx then they decided it would not be commercial for them and has been taken over by a company called hypersolar. This is a very big solar hydrogen technology as it is verifiable and already past prototype stage!  It could convert solar energy directly into a long term an 24/7 fuel---hydrogen!  Thus solar hydrogen power would not be dependent on constant sunshine and poor battery storage. (batteries suck! where is my hybrid battery/supercapacitor combo) here is the link:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This was a "conspiracy theory" until it is now a commercial product and proven fact!  The begining was the RPG nuke batteries from the 50's which are very clumsy and out of date.  They power space probes with thermoelectrics from decaying radioisotopes such as polonium and plutonium.  This battery uses the more natrual and benign isotope called tritium, an isotope of hydrogen.  The battery lasts 20 years and is ideal for powering sensors.  I have heard of a similar betavoltaic technology from some German hackers.  Will post that stuff soon.  Here is the links to the 20 year batteries   ! atomic battery

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Well I read a post that I despise so "solar hydrogen" is the first topic. I will post the link to the offending article at the end.  The oil industry has lots of myths from their media machine and one popped up in the first part of this thing: "hydrogen is really hard to get because you need energy to break it free!"  yeah right maybe if you were a severely retarded rhesus monkey!  THE FACTS ARE: if your smart hydrogen is easily available from a number of sources without ANY strain! FACT 1: the civil war had huge observation balloons full of hydrogen they made the gas easily in quanity by reacting iron with sulferic acid! CHEAP AND EASY!!
FACT 2: hydrogen can be made from water, charcoal powder, and laser light
FACT 3: hydrogen can be made with water, aluminum, and drano! (internet classic BTW)
FACT 4: there are hundreds of chemical reactions to make hydrogen from anything you find on the ground. hydrogen is in almost EVERYTHING
FACT 5: remeber why you don't mix acids and bases? yeah hydrogen goes boom real hard!
FACT 6: If I ever hear that garbage propaganda from anyone I will eat their liver with fava beans!
DO NOT recite exxon mobil's that offended me

kim kardashian with cat

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this blog is being created as a new blog from the parent site so that it can focus on more general alternative energy topics.  most articles will be free but as the site develops articles will be by subscription. (5 dollars a year per email account) a paypal button will be created for that soon. in the meantime enjoy a free ebook I put on google drive!
ebook that solves energy crisis