Friday, November 22, 2013


Had an idea on my google plus awhile back and thought it belonged here.  A recent development at Rice University is their development of a steam producing nano catalyst that makes steam from water without making the temperature reach boiling.  This allows for low temperature steam creation from sunlight.  Expose to sun and the catalyst creates steam at ambient temperatures.  If a low weight graphite composed Tesla Turbine were combined with this you would have a solar powered turbine that ran off sunlight!  The Tesla turbine is an old invention that can use very low temp and preasure steam because it is a diffrent type of turbine than the traditional ones (it is bladeless) it uses the boundary effect with the adhesion and viscosity on the rotors.
                                                  Rice university solar catalyst for steam
                                                       TESLA TURBINE DIAGRAM
                                                 TESLA TURBINE IN RIVER!

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