Wednesday, November 13, 2013

thorium reactor for free power!

Well some humans have referred to me in the derogatory as a "content farmer" these deluded troglodytes will love this post!  I am going to make an important and original insight into boosting an alternative tech called Thorium ADS (thorium nuclear power driven in sub-critical mode by a particle accelerator)  It turns out that thorium can replace uranium as a cheaper more abundant fuel that does not have a meltdown possibility in it's design! The tech was designed in America in the 1940s but it didn't make the bomb grade plutonium for our satanic military-industrial-complex and so it was not developed.  Now the Chinese are working on it to get rid of their coal plants.  HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME I REVEAL HOW TO MAKE A HOME POWER SIZED UNIT!   Combine the old thorium tech with Texas A & M 's new tabletop particle accelarator to make a car sized unit for home power!  The huge particle accelerator is down to a bread box size and allows the thorium reactor to shrink by about 40 fold! here are the research links:
texas tabletop accelerator
thorium ads reactor
thorium power

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