Wednesday, November 13, 2013

solar hydrogen from MIT

A topic I have been trying to find more recent information on is covered by my pal Tina Casey.  Daniel Nocera of MIT has developed a process that turns sunlight into hydrogen all in one step and device. (a solar cell with cobalt phosphate and other water splitting co-catalysts) you drop the device in water and expose it to sunlight.  It then makes hydrogen which you can burn or send to a fuel cell.  This was going to be developed by a company called sun catalityx then they decided it would not be commercial for them and has been taken over by a company called hypersolar. This is a very big solar hydrogen technology as it is verifiable and already past prototype stage!  It could convert solar energy directly into a long term an 24/7 fuel---hydrogen!  Thus solar hydrogen power would not be dependent on constant sunshine and poor battery storage. (batteries suck! where is my hybrid battery/supercapacitor combo) here is the link:

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